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We’re a global stakeholder in Technology and a leader driving Africa to the future

BlueBridge Technologies Limited is a leading provider of ICT solutions and services in Kenya. The company was founded with the goal of helping businesses and organizations of all sizes leverage technology to improve efficiency and achieve their goals.

BlueBridge Technologies offers a range of products and services, including software development, digital marketing, web design and development, and more. The company is known for its innovative solutions, such as BridgePOS, BridgeSUITE, and BridgeHMS, which help businesses streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

In addition to its products and services, BlueBridge Technologies is committed to providing excellent customer service and building strong relationships with its clients. The company has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping clients succeed and are always available to offer support and guidance.

Overall, BlueBridge Technologies is a trusted partner for businesses and organizations looking to make the most of their technology investments.

Comprehensive range of products and services
Exceptional customer service
Innovative technologies
Experienced team
Call to ask any question  07 31 900 100

Jared Bosueben

(Chairman and founder)
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We position our clients at the forefront of their field by advanced services.

We bring more than 20 years’ senior experience forging collaborations across government, private sector and international forums.

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